Call for Workshop propsals

Workshops at the MRC will bring together groups of researchers interested in initiating a collaborative research project.

What is a research workshop?

A research workshop is an opportunity to begin or continue a collaborative project that actively involves researchers. The goal of such a workshop is usually publication of papers, although it may lead to other things, such as improvements in Moodle or new add-ons. The potential to bring together researchers from multiple institutions creates the opportunity for multi-institutional collaboration, which strengthens the validity of results and increases the chances of publication/success.

  • Generally there is a leader (or leaders) who establishes the workshop; the leaders may maintain some leadership during the project, possibly becoming first-author on published papers, but work is done by all participants.
  • Participants may be asked to be involved in preparation prior to the workshop, in some activity such as reading prescribed research papers or gathering data.
  • The initial workshop is an opportunity to plan/pilot/refine an "experimental kit" or project plan that would be taken away by participants and applied in the period following the workshop.
  • Results are gathered and collated, possibly at a subsequent workshop, and this leads to paper writing or other activities.
  • Research workshops are generally run at no cost to participants, as long as they can get there. Sometimes workshop leaders may bring grant funding to cover costs of the room used for the workshop and possibly food.

Proposing a workshop

The workshop proposal deadline has now passed. Sign up for a workshop from the conference main page.

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