Papers submitted for the MRC.

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Title: Gamified Moodle Course in a Corporate Environment
Author(s): Anna Krassa

In a company that spans the globe with over 10,000 employees, 300+ offices with operations in 70 countries, Moodle has provided the opportunity for employees from all over the world to participate in courses that build their own learning and growth as well as contributing to an overall increase in productivity for the company. In this document we will present a research made in this corporate learning environment. As Moodle and GAC Corporate Academy evolve, the time has come to investigate a different learning approach: gamification. While there are several researches on the value and risks of gamified learning (Burke, 2012), this research is going to examine a gamified approach in this specific business environment.

Keywords: Moodle, gamification, corporate academy, GAC, GAClearn, GAC Academy, GCA, e-learning
Pages: 84-93
Paper type: Full paper
File: PDF document Gamified Moodle Course in a Corporate....pdf
Reference: Krassa, A. (2013), Gamified Moodle Course in a Corporate Environment. In Proceedings of the 2nd Moodle Research Conference (MRC2013), Retalis, S. & de Raadt, M. (Eds), 84-93.
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